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Achieve Indy

Empowering youth to break the bonds of poverty.

Biography: James D. Curles 

Pictured: Father Greg Boyle Left James D. Curles Right

FR Greg is the founder of Homeboy Industries and author of the

Book Tattoos on the Heart

James D Curles is a proven leader, gifted speaker and talented teacher James is no stranger to working with at-risk and disadvantaged youth. He is a sociologist who grew up in the public housing of Northern Florida. While an undergraduate at the University of Evansville, he worked as a probation officer, in addition: James was a mentor at the Boys and Girls Club of America. While attending Graduate School at the University of Southern Indiana, James partnered with International Orphanage Relief in Mandeville Jamaica. He has spoken at hundreds of camps, schools, banquets, organizations and training seminars.

James served on Young Life staff for 12 years. He pioneered curriculum, developed policies and implemented programs that have impacted American cities from Indianapolis Indiana to East Palo Alto, California. Internationally, he has helped develop curriculums in Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico and the Philippines. 

James' love for boxing started in his youth. He began competing with his coach Danny Thomas at The Boxer's Den in Evansville, IN. His amateur career in boxing , kickboxing and MMA was his path to being a paid sparring partner for pros such as Keith O'Daniel, Wayne "The Cobra" Cooper and John "Papa" Moore. 

James is the head coach for Team Achieve Boxing and has lead hundreds of athletes to win state, national and world titles. He serves as the chief official for USA Boxing under the Indiana LBC. His love of education transfers seamlessly to the boxing community where as chief official he trains, tests and certifies coaches, refs and judges. 

James' love for grappling started in high school wrestling. In college he began training in the sport of Judo with his coach Sam Smith of the Evansville Police Department. He later began training with Judo Legend John Branson.