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Achieve Indy

Empowering youth to break the bonds of poverty.

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Academic Transformation

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 2:57 PM
This has been an exciting semester at Achieve International.We are one week away from the start of Golden Gloves. 7 Team Achieve Boxers will compete every Thursday for 6 weeks in hopes of becoming a state boxing champion. Immediately following Golden Gloves, we will spend the weekend in Terre Haute competing at the Junior Olympics boxing tournament. I love the sport of boxing. It teaches discipline and allows athletes the opportunity to discover what they are really made of. As much as I love the sport it’s the topic of Academics that gets me fired up. Below are a few academic highlights of some of our Champions.
Johnny Batana is a neighborhood kid that has been coming to the gym for about 6 months. When we first met him he was struggling academically.He worked hard and got caught up in all his classes. He has utilized the Khan Academy at our facility and discovered that he loves math. Not only does Johnny love math, he’s pretty good at it too. He can solve equations in his head faster than most can with a calculator. Johnny attends IPS school 54 and entered himself in the school's math competition. Johnny won several math competitions before being selected to represent his school at the 2014 Math Bowl. Johnny went up against math wizzes from 14 other IPS schools. Our Johnny earned the first place prize and brought the victory home for school 54. In addition to being a math scholar, Johnny is not to be taken lightly in the boxing ring either. In December he won Indiana Silver Gloves and became a state boxing champion. Johnny is a Team Achieve Boxing member.
Jacque Sanfford is a kid I met at the gym. He lives in Sutten Place apartments in the 42 and post area. Jacque is 19 years old and dropped out of school a year ago. He comes to practice every day. After challenging him to finish school he became angry and didn’t want to talk to me for a while. It wasn’t long until I received a call from Jacque.. “Coach, were you serious about helping me get back into school?  I want to be successfullike the guys at the gym. ” I was elated “Absolutely, champ!” We went the next day and signed him up at Arlington High School. He has a full schedule but only needs two classes to graduate. He bought a 30 day bus pass and to date he hasn’t missed a day of school. Jacque is exploring options for furthering his education. If he continues he will graduate in June.
Dreshaun “Black” Carter has been at HYCA military school fora little over 2 months now. During his time there he has been selected for Commandos(this is like the navy seals of  HYCA). The Physical training is grueling but the only rule to remain a commando once selected is to not quit. He has also earned honor platoon. This is a group that is awarded extra privileges for excellence in negotiating the program. He has passed as squad leader and is now company commander. HYCA requires the cadets to complete 5 assignments a day. Dreshaun has been doing 15 a day. He is in an Ivy Tech class and currently has a C+ but assures me he will get it up to an A. Dreshaun is a 3 time state boxing champion and is currently undefeated.     
Fr. Greg Boyle author of "Tattoos on the Heart" was in Indianapolis for a speaking engagement. Our board president jumped on the opportunity to met with him. We met at his hotel and he spent an hour and half chatting with us. We enjoyed our time with Fr. Boyle. He is hosting a seminar for missions across the US that focus of faith based gang intervention. He has asked me to bring a couple of Team Achieve members out to LA and present at his seminar. Our time was awesome and we were encouraged by his presence.

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6:24 PM on March 8, 2014 
Reply Bucky
4:57 PM on March 12, 2014 
I am so proud of all these boys who have seen a better way to face the challenges of life. With the loving support of your coach, you have chosen to see a better way. We all need that wee small voice inside us that prompts us to make the right choice. God is good!! Keep the Faith!
Reply Pat Curles
12:03 PM on March 13, 2014 
What a blessing to hear these amazing stories of these young men. An even greater blessing to know some of them and personally see their transformation. Our thoughts and prayers are with Achieve International and Team Achieve!
Reply Loola 2
3:42 PM on March 15, 2014 
wish you will always have new success and luck.
Reply storeabi
5:13 PM on March 16, 2014 
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9:01 AM on March 17, 2014 
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Reply Bev Dahlmann
6:47 PM on March 23, 2014 
So happy to read about these boys and to see them turn around and try so hard to make their life right.
I admire them all and also the people who are a mentor to them.
God bless you all.
Reply Friv 4
3:11 AM on March 27, 2014 
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3:14 AM on March 27, 2014 
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9:04 AM on June 1, 2014 
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