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Junior Olympics

Posted on May 31, 2012 at 1:27 PM
1 John 3:18 “Dear children, let us not love with words ors peech but with actions and in truth.” At the 2012 Junior Olympics our boys displayed integrity, hard work and discipline as the five athletes competed in eight weight classes. Junior Olympics is the second largest USA Boxing state championship of the year. The narrative below is a quick summery of our weekend at the 2012 Junior Olympics. 
The boys were in their earned team uniforms and were loaded in the van as we made one finial stop to fuel up before leaving Indianapolis.We stopped at the neighborhood speedway gas station on Tenth Street. As we were fueling up, several patrons of the station were wishing our boys luck and cheering them on. It quickly turned into a scene from a Rocky movie as patrons became frenzied by the fact that boys from their neighborhood were competing in the Junior Olympics. “Good Luck, Champs!” “Show em how 10th Street does it, Champs!” “Don’t forget us when you make it big fellas.” “Will the fights be on Pay-per-view?” These were a few of the comments that stuck in my head.  The small crowd was still cheering for us as we pulled out of the gas station in the team van.  Neither I, nor our athletes have ever experienced such support from the neighborhood. The boys were not only flattered but felt a real sense of pride and an understanding that they were representing not only themselves and the gym but also the neighborhood. Moo Moo a 14 year old undefeated 125 pound boxer was grinning from ear to ear. I asked him “Did you like that, Champ?” His response was “Coach, we better win because we got fans now and they gona think we losers if we don’t win”. I chuckled and the boys talked about the experience the for the entire drive.  
We arrived at the hotel and the boys began to unload our luggage and gear as I checked into our rooms. I was just finishing the transaction when I heard someone yell “James Curles”. I turned the corner to see the entire Indiana USA Olympic Boxing Commission setting at a table. They were in a meeting and I thought something must have happened for them to interrupt it to talk to me. I approached the commission board and with a stern face Vicky Elders pointed her finger at meand said “I just want you to know that each one of your boys came to this table, looked us all in our eyes and shook our hands. Those young men are impressive and Team Achieve continues to raise the bar for every other gym out there.” I responded with a humble thank you and told them that it is our Lord working in the boy’s lives. As I walked away, I felt my chest swell a bit and was both humbled and overwhelmed with pride for the conduct of our team.  The joy was short lived as the reality of making sure all of our guys were not overweight set in.
We always bring a bathroom scale with us to the tournaments so there are no surprises when we get to the weigh-ins. Two of our guys were overweight by several pounds and we spent the rest of the evening in the fitness room with the heat set on 85 as the boys took turns riding the stationary bike and running on the treadmill. Their final pounds were shed at around 11 pm. In order to make weight they could not eat or drink anything until weigh-ins the following morning. We spent about an hour or so being guys and sharing boxing stories. The boys always want me to retell the same old stories about different matches that I had. They always listen carefully and are quick to point out any detail missed. The weekend was off to a good start!
We started early Saturday morning and made it to the weigh-ins an hour early to be first in line. The sooner we make weight, the sooner we can eat and hydrate.  All of our boys made weight and we headed back to the hotel to capitalize on the free breakfast before meeting with the fight doctor, as required for all sanctioned USA Olympic Boxing events. Our boys remained in uniform with their shirts tucked in and held the bar high for themselves throughout the entire tournament.  Everyone performed with skill, discipline and integrity and those in attendance took notice.  Our team was set apart. No one was “sagging” their pants or wearing their hats backwards. There wasn’t a single argument orf oul word spoke.
 Cristian “Bones” Gomez was first to compete making his way to the finals where he became a 2 timestate champion and earned a silver medal in the 119 lbs. weight division.
Kevin “Big Kev” Walker, walked through the 185 lbs. division earning a gold medal. The following day he moved up to the heavy weight division where he made it to the finals earning a silver medal.
Amonta “Tey Tey” Washington was not contested and earned agold medal for the 165 lbs. division.
Emond “Moo Moo” Driver earned a gold medal in the 125 lbs. division. The following day he moved up to the 135 lbs. division where he out scored a bigger,stronger and more experienced boxer by double the points, earing him another Gold medal. At only 14 years old Moo Moo has picked up four state titles in the past three months and remains undefeated and a proven leader in our program.
Edson “Rampage” Driver earned a gold medal in the 60 lbs. division. The following day he moved up to the 70 lbs. division and earned another gold medal.  He was also awarded the Junior Oylmpic Outstanding Sportsman Award. Rampage is 08 years old  undefeated and without question was a crowd favorite this year.
Thank you all for your love and support. Lives were forever changed this weekend. These young men were not only presented with the opportunity to compete on a state level but, they also rose to the occasion and came home State Champions. They conducted themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel and made me very proud.  We took 5 young men and they came home with six gold medals, 2 silver medals and one sportsman award. Thank you all for making these champions a reality.

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