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Achieve Indy

Empowering youth to break the bonds of poverty.

Our Mission:

We provide at-risk and disadvantaged youth a second chance to reclaim their education. 

Our most recent graduates; December 2018


Achieve Academy now offers an in-house diploma program. This program offers an added layer of access to education for our students. Our school is registered with the Indiana Dept. of Education and is recognized as a school. When it is not possible for students to graduate in their home school they can attend classes at Achieve to earn a diploma. After graduation, we assist students in pursuing post-secondary education and job placement. 

Our mission is put into action

primarily through three programs:

Achieve Academy:

Our focus for each student is based on the students’ individual needs. At Achieve we strive to develop within each student, a passion for learning and a commitment to excellence. Many of our students are enrolled in a program to recover credits from their high school, while others are taking full-time online classes. Achieve Academy allows students the opportunity to excel academically, socially and emotionally at their own pace. Our facility has a computer lab with internet access where students can access Khan Academy and PLATO Learning systems. PLATO Learning allows our students to recover credits through their enrolled high school. After graduation, we assist students in pursuing post-secondary education and job placement. When it is not possible for students to graduate with their class in their home school they can attend classes at Achieve Indy to earn a general education diploma. 

After-School & Hunger Relief:

Research indicates that the hours directly following school dismissal are the most dangerous hours of the day for our youth. They are at a higher risk for being involved in or being the victim of a crime. Our after-school program offers students a safe place with adult supervision in the hours of the day when students are most vulnerable. We have also partnered with Second Helpings to fight hunger in Indianapolis. Each program day we serve a hot meal to our students and their families. 

Team Achieve Boxing:

Our sports programs teach students life skills that transfer from the gym to the classroom and the job site. Learning life skills through sports is not just an imaginary concept but many scholarly articles and books have been written that give credibility to these claims; but the real proof is in the changed lives of our students. Our USA Boxing program has been very successful and continues to grow. We have trained over 350 state champions to date; including Indiana Silver Gloves, Indiana Junior Olympics and Indiana Golden Gloves. All participants of Team Achieve are working toward academic, personal and athletic goals. Students who are a part of Team Achieve, are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and maintain good academic attendance. We teach the value of perseverance and hard work allowing athletes to develop intrinsic motivation skills. Parents and teachers of Team Achieve students report significant improvement in attendance, grades, attitude and discipline. Follow us on Facebook at